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About Me!!

I'm Melanie

I'm a busy, busy woman, but I don't let that cramp my style!

I'm an affordable-style shopper, clean eater, and weekend lover. My love of writing is what stemmed my desire to blog, so I share a little of everything with my readers, from shopping to travel to my fav candles!  

First- I'm a mother to two beautiful girls.  We sing, dance, and love My Little Pony, Disney, and musicals in this  house.  My poor husband is surrounded by girls, so we humor him with going to Major League Baseball games whenever we get a chance.

Second- I'm a teacher.  I teach English II to sophomores and love it.  I love reading and love to share my book picks (mostly YA) with my students. BUT I always love the summer more than absolutely anything!

Third- I'm a dancer and coach to a competitive dance team, while both of my girls are studio dancers.  It's a huge part of our lives and I talk about it often. I also judge dance competitions all around the U.S.

As far as hobbies, I love to travel, shop, run, decorate, and watch reality tv (I love Big Brother and have been known to watch an obscene amount of My 600-Pound-Life).  I also love a good margarita or glass of wine!


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