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A Family Tradition of Fun, Margaritas, and Mexican Food: Superior Grill Baton Rouge

This past weeknd was my daughter's 8th birthday. We let her pick what she wanted to do for dinner. She could have picked anywhere at all to eat, and while most kids would pick somewhere like Chuck E Cheese or McDonalds, my daughter wanted to spend her night on the patio at Superior Grill. Chips and salsa, live music, and a plate of beans and rice- how ELSE would someone want to ring in their 8th year of life? Right? And the funny part about it is that she would ALWAYS choose Superior Grill-- she chose that for her 7th birthday as well.


Superior Grill, ironically, has become a family go-to for just about any celebration, whether it be for a birthday (almost all of them), a lunch after dance recital (like we did this year), a quick happy hour drink (too often to mention), or a feisty dinner with friends and family. It's also a hot spot for my friends and me for our girls-night-out. The live music on the patio-- usually really great cover bands who play great selections to appease both my mother and me-- makes for an amazing atmosphere that we love. The older ladies of our family (21+) are BIG margarita fans, so it goes without saying that we enjoy a good time anywhere that the margaritas are good and strong.

My family at Superior Grill- Mid City in July for my mother's birthday

We are a family who LOVES music and loves to dance. I was raised going to outdoor live music concerts (Downtown Alive in Lafayette, and then Live After Five here in Baton Rouge) where my parents would dance, dance, dance. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood are watching my parents jitterbug to Cajun music or cut loose to some Van Morrison. Superior Grill's live music fills that void for me now. Usually every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights there are live bands on the patio, and if you get there early enough, you can get a table outside and stay for the band. We always see people we know, so it's not only fun, but it's a great place to be social.

When is the last time you went dancing with your family and friends? If not recently, then you need to GO! Find an area with live music and check it out!

My husband is usually a no-dance-ever kind of man. He leaves that up to us. The sweet spot- when the girls ask him to dance- he can't refuse! Is anything more precious than watching a father dance with and twirl his daughters? It always makes me think back to my own dad dancing with my sister and me all throughout my childhood. It is one of my favorite parts about our Superior nights.

One of our absolute favorite times to go is for birthdays, whether it be my grandmother or my daughter. If you check out the pics at the end of this blog post, you'll see that the birthday sombrero is something like a rite of passage for us. The waiter and other members of the staff come to bring you a big sombrero and dessert, all the while singing "happy birthday Mamacita" (or Senor) at the top of their lungs. The atmosphere is so festive and everyone around claps for the birthday girl or boy! The kids look forward to that sombrero like no other!

So, if you find yourself looking for a good time, some good Mexican food, and a killer margarita, do yourself and check out Superior Grill. Not in the area? Look around for places with great atmosphere with live music available! I hope it'll bring you as much joy as it does my family, and maybe a little next-day-margarita headache. :)

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