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Sprouts is COMING to BR!

It's no secret- I'm a pretty clean eater. My students always give me La Croix cans or coffee gift cards for teacher appreciation week because I don't eat a lot of cakes or sweets. My husband and daughters eat the same way I do-- we eat a lot of meat, veggies, fruits, and organic and gluten-free foods. Let me tell you, though, it is SO difficult to find quality produce and healthy foods in the Baton Rouge area. In the city of fried fish and rice dishes, healthy options aren't always readily available OR popular. Don't get me wrong- I LOVE some good, deep-fried southern food, but I also need to be able to find grain-free tortillas, grass-fed beef, or quality kombucha. We, as a family, rely on Whole Foods, but it is SO expensive that we really can't depend on it all the time because I would be penniless. Not acceptable. We desperately need another option to give us quality foods for a decent price.

That is PRECISELY why I am SO excited about Sprouts opening up in Baton Rouge, by the Rouzan development off of Perkins Road (right off of College Drive). It opens on June 26th, so it is coming so so soon! Sprouts, if you know nothing about it, is a grocery store and food market that offers fresh and natural products at great prices. The feel of the store is similar to a Whole Foods in that they have many of the same types of products and departments, but it is much more affordable!

I am the most excited about the opening of Sprouts here in Baton Rouge for two reasons:

1. The Prepared Foods-

The quality of prepared foods and hot foods at a grocery store is a HUGE selling point for me. I like to be able to grab quick meals without having to cook or just some quality sides for a get together. I can't be the only one who relies on grocery store sides for a get-together, am I??? This is, to me, a HUGE difference between Sprouts and Trader Joe's-- I don't frequent Trader Joe's because I can't just pick up a quick bite to eat for the road. At Sprouts, I can grab a whole roasted chicken and make a meal of it or pick up a hot sandwich made just for me. Want to grab a quick bite and eat in-store? You can! You can grab a salad from the salad bar, or soup or a juice. You can pick up fresh sushi for the ride home (and anyone who knows me knows I LOVE a good sushi roll.)

2. Quality of Produce, Meats, and Healthy Options-

It is SO hard to find a really good produce section around here. One of the points that Sprouts boasts is that it has a variety of fresh fruits and veggies, but also a really strong Butcher Shop! You can get custom-cut meat or whatever you'd like really. There is also a ton of grass-fed beef, which is difficult to find around Baton Rouge. Again, it is SO MUCH MORE affordable than other area retailers, so it won't break the bank to get a cart full of fresh, organic produce or other products.

It'll also be great because there will be MANY different healthy options around the store. I love being able to peruse the aisles and see gluten-free, vegan, or other healthy options. It makes snacking and eating healthy as a lifestyle choice much easier to maintain.

Also, it is right on the way home for my husband, so I'll have a new place to tell him to run in and pick up selections for dinner. I can't tell you how pumped I am for this!

Check them out here on facebook- or follow them on Instagram at @sprouts! Click here for more info on the Baton Rouge store opening!

And as always- follow me on instagram at @imlivingforthesummer and on facebook! Questions?? Let me know!

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