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Easy Living Room Update!!

Quarantine definitely has me looking for projects to do, so what better than to update furniture pieces. I came across a youtube video that talked about the ease of painting with Fusion Mineral Paint. A shop close to me, The Vintage Hive, carries this brand in stock, so I decided to grab a couple of pints and go to town.

My first job was to lighten up my living room furniture. I had been wanting to buy new pieces for a while, but WHY throw out perfectly good stuff when you can give it a little makeover?!

Here is the room before any updates. The coffee table was BEAT UP and all scratched up. The door was too dark for my liking. I just wanted something NEW AND FRESH.

I started by lightly sanding the entire surface with a sanding medium grit sanding pad. I sanded the tops down a little more than the sides since they had some scratches and imperfections that I wanted to get rid of. Other than that, I literally just passed the sanding pad over every inch of the surface- not much work at all.

After that, I put on a very light first coat. It looked terrible. Don't let that worry you. Very thin, light coats are necessary for the overall look. Don't shy away if it looks streaky and brush-strokey. I let that coat dry for a while, then put on a second and third coat. I lightly sanded down any imperfections between coats with a fine grain sanding pad.

Once the third coat was done, I let it dry overnight! It was SUCH an easy project! For the small table, I used the color Champlain. For my larger coffee table, I used the color Putty.

End table painted in Champlain

For both tables, since they see a lot of traffic, I also applied a tough coat on the top. I waited 12 hours after I finished the last coat to apply this tough coat. I applied it with a large auto sponge that we had lying around. When that was done, I let it dry, then brought the piece back inside to its forever home!

Coffee Table painted in Putty

I ALSO wanted to update my wall art. I turned to my friend Megan Buccere to repaint my door art. She did a BEAUTIFUL job and I couldn't have asked for anything better! I loved the door to begin with, but the red color was a little too dark for me and it seemed like the entire top of the door was wasted space. Megan took this door and transformed it for me! Check out her insta here! I gave her a color story to go with and told her I just wanted an egret. Other than that, it was 100% her and amazing!

I have become a woman OBESESSED. Once I finished both of these tables, I painted the desk in my guest bedroom. The whole process of using this paint has been so easy and the colors are beautiful! I recently did my kitchen island too- check that out here!

Any questions?? Let me know! Try it out! You'll be happy you did! Follow me over on Instagram and on facebook!

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