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Back-to-School Teacher Looks!

Lots of teachers are preparing to go back into the classroom right now, but it isn't just the classroom decor they're looking for inspo for; it's also teacher style! Here are some of my recent, affordable favs!

A pop of color from a blouse is a fun way to add some fun to the wardrobe. I paired it with my trusty white jeans (I teach high school, so I can get away with white jeans without them being dirty!) For size reference, I wear an XS in the blouse and I'm in a 24 in these jeans.

My lanyard is one of the ways I show my personality throughout the year. I have a bunch of them and I keep changing them out depending on my outfit (sometimes I just stick with the same old one- no big deal!)

A fun dress is the easiest way to look put together and not have to PUT anything together. These shoes are on repeat for me, so they are worth every penny. I always like to add a fun earring too, and at the price that these are, I can afford to buy tons!

Some days my hair plops up because I am NOT washing it! My glasses usually go on those days too.

This easy look combines two of my staple pieces- my denim jacket and my favorite white tank. I use these pieces throughout the year with so many different bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits, sweaters, and blazers! These shoes are comfortable enough for me to wear all day long, too!

I have SO MANY different fun midi skirts. I can dress them for work, and I can also wear a more fun top for the weekend and make it appropriate then too!

This look, I love, because it transitions easily to fall and winter, then I can just drop the sweater for summer and fall. My trusty Rothys are on rotation throughout the year (SO COMFORTABLE)

These high waisted skirts are perfect for dressing up a teacher tee, too!

I'm always sharing my weekly looks over on Instagram and Tiktok and Pinterest, so follow along! Let me know if there is something else you'd love to see!

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