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Girl, Wear a Slip.

Enjoying life at Callaway Winery in Temecula, CA

It's almost time to go back to school. Teachers will be in the classroom. Professionals will be in the office. College kids will be in class. Dresses will be worn all over the place.

We're always told at school that it isn't professional to wear jeans. You know what is less professional than jeans, though? Dresses attached to your backside or in your butt crack. No. No. No. The fact this problem it is so prevalent is an absolute travesty. Let's fix this. How, you ask?


I know, I know. You're thinking that I sound like your grandmother (because I certainly sound like MY grandmother) but honestly, the small investment will make your life and your dress-wearing days so much easier.

Now, what kind of slip should you wear and when should you wear it?

If you ever see me wearing a dress, I'm wearing a slip. Period. There are multiple different types that I keep in my arsenal. I linked some of my favorites above from Amazon, Nordstrom, and Target, but you can find them at just about any store that sells ladies underwear! There are options at every price point, so don't let that deter you!

The traditional half slip-

This one is necessary for maxi dresses or your basic t-shirt dresses. The answer is NOT to not wear underwear at all. Then, when you walk, it's getting caught in your backside and it looks no bueno. Wear a half slip and forget about it! You can buy longer ones (like the one I linked here) for a maxi or a midi dress, or you can buy a shorter half slip that you can wear with shorter dresses. I have both and they are so affordable that it won't break the bank to get a few different ones.

The slip short-

This dress is a true wrap dress and I would NOT feel comfortable leaving the house without something on under them. I don't want some sort of Marilyn Monroe type moment, so these slip shorts are perfect. They are short enough to not show under the dress, but comfortable and keeps the dress falling nicely. I wear these when I'm wearing a shorter dress- something that I'm worried about a regular half slip being too long for.

The tight spanx-type short-

Walking through the vineyards of Temecula

I always buy the Jockey brand shorts like this from Target. They allow the material of your dress to not cling to your shorts, and it also acts as a modesty short under your dresses. We need this, girls. Let me tell you- I went to this piano bar a few weeks ago and they called some girls on stage and they were all in dresses and OMG. They were dancing all over and we saw all of their goods. I was so embarrassed for them; Charles was cracking up as was everyone else in the place. Lesson to be learned- wear some shorts under that sucker.

Moral of the story- no matter what kind of slip, grab one next time you're out while you're shopping around online. It'll change your life!

Are you a slip wearer?? OR will you be one now?? Let me know! Drop me a comment either here or on Instagram at @imlivingforthesummer or on Facebook at

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