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Sprouts- Why It's My Go-To Store!

I'm big into fresh, organic foods. My family avoids overly processed foods and lots of sugar, BUT I can't get over the price tag that comes along with it. We spend a FORTUNE on groceries every week. Now that Sprouts in Baton Rouge is FINALLY OPEN, it fortunately, delivers quality, fresh foods to the BR area for much cheaper than the alternatives. The sales here are OUT OF THIS WORLD and their regular prices are just as low!

If you look in the picture above, you may be wondering what in the world is in my hand! Have you ever had a kiwano horned melon? I tried one at Sprouts along with all sorts of other interesting fruits and veggies. This melon has the same consistency and texture as a cucumber, but it tastes like a melon. I LOVE it!! The fact that this was offered to me and I was able to explore new foods makes Sprouts such a special place for me.

Let me show you around my favorite parts of the stores!

The produce section by far is my fav because it is so fresh and beautiful. I've been struggling with the quality of produce at my local store- I can't find a gorgeous grapefruit or a banana that isn't old and brown. For this reason, and so many others, I'm excited that Sprouts is around in our Baton Rouge area.

You can see from this picture that the prices are so fair and, when there are sales combined, it is like no other.

While the fruits and veggies are for sure the selling point of the store (they DO call themselves a Farmer's Market) there are all sorts of other places around the store that make me excited.

There is a huge prepared food section and an area to eat in store. This sets the store apart from Trader Joe's in such a huge way for me. I need food that is already ready for so many occasions, whether it be eating on the road on my way home or just not wanting to cook that night.

Overall, the ATMOSPHERE of the store is so inviting and farmer's-market-esque. You can see the entire store when you walk in- the shelves are low so that you can feel the open quality of the store. PLUS the art above all of the sections is so graphic and cute!

This store will for sure be my go-to in Baton Rouge. Fresh, high-quality foods at affordable prices??? Yes please!

What's YOUR favorite part of the store?? What do I need to go back and buy?? If you need to check out Sprouts- find them on instagram or here!

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