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Summer Fun at Liberty Lagoon!

Relaxing on the Lazy River at BREC's Liberty Lagoon

It's summer, and I'm always looking for something fun to do with my kiddos that is

1) not super expensive (I already spend all the money over the summer)


2) not something that I'm going to pull my hair out in aggravation from.

I've heard a lot about BREC's Liberty Lagoon, but I have never been other than for a kid's triathlon that the girls competed in. We decided to give it a try this summer so we could beat the heat, so on Monday morning, we went right at the 11 am opening. I was hoping that I would pick a time where there would not be too many people around, and I was right!

We had the absolute best time! My oldest spent most of her time on the slides since she was tall enough to do so. She just went around to all of the different slides and went over and over and over. My little bit is still too short for that, so she played on the smaller equipment, but there was still tons for her to do. There are all sorts of smaller slides, bubblers, playground-type water features, splashpads, etc. I LOVE a lazy river, so I spent most of my time just relaxing around there while the girls played all around.

The floating area with the rope at Liberty Lagoon

There is also this one area that has floating pieces in the water and there is a rope above and the kids try to walk across it. They spent a TON of time at this! This was one of their favorite sections- they kept getting in line over and over. There is a lifeguard in the water with them and one of them had to help Wrennie out a few times. I stayed in the water at the splash pad right next to this and enjoyed my day. A win all around!

If you're following me on Instagram, you probably saw all of my stories from our time there the other day! Here are some questions I got from my Instagram stories the other day:

1) Is it clean?

Yes! Everything looked really nice and I had no issues with the cleanliness of anything. The workers were all pleasant and attentive. The workers mostly seem to be a lot of high school students, but they all were paying attention to their jobs and were quite nice. One of them even took a picture of the girls and me. :) There are a TON of lifeguards out, at LEAST one per small section of the pool, so I felt comfortable letting my girls run around and enjoy themselves. I had no problems with anything while there (and trust me, I'd tell you if I did!)

2) Was it busy?

When we arrived at opening on a Monday morning, no. It wasn't busy at all. As you can see from my pictures, there is hardly anyone around! Now, around 1:00 pm, more people started to show up and there was a camp that came in, but it wasn't what I would call BUSY. The girls had to wait maybe behind three people instead of going straight on the slides. I have heard, though, that the weekends are a different story. I will keep to my weekday mornings!

3) How much does it cost?

You can find that info here on the website.

If the child is 12 months or younger, it is free.

It is $10 for children under 48 inches (they can't go on the slides) and it is $12 for anyone over 48 inches.

There is also a $5 wristband you could buy to go on the Shockwave, which is an area where if looks like waves and you can go surfing, but we didn't pay for that, so I can't really speak on it! Annalise DID want to go on it desperately though, so maybe next time that'll happen.

We ultimately ended up leaving around 2 pm because Wrennie passed out under the huge umbrella. It was time to go, but we had three amazing hours of very few people and a whole lot of fun.

We didn't eat over there, so I can't speak much on that, but our overall experience was really pleasant and the girls can't wait to go back.

Summer mission: accomplished!

Questions about our experience!? Let me know!

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