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Try-on Tuesday- Summer Dresses!

Another Shein hall is in! This haul is focused on summer dresses- some can be used as workwear and some are just fun :) You can probably tell that this has been my go-to retailer lately, but I have a lot of hits and a LOT of misses. I order what I want and just return whatever doesn't work. There are free returns and it is just too easy to try things out and see if they work or if they don't. Free shipping both ways?? It's a no-brainer.

This first dress is going to be one that I take to the beach with me! I'm wearing an XS in this dress, and it is a true wrap. The tie goes through the side of the skirt to keep everything together.

The print is flowers and strawberries, so it is a really fun summer print. It isn't too low cut either, so I can wear it all around and not feel self conscious! I linked my fav strapless bra below too!

It comes in white too and it's only $13!!!

These Sam Edelman wedge sandals are a staple for me over the summer and they are so affordable on Amazon! You can't find them that cheap in stores, for sure!

I am SO excited for this one!

This dress is only $15 (I'm wearing an XS) and I am going back to buy it in a ton of other colors. It has pockets and adjustable straps and can be tied up on the side or left long.

I am DEFINITELY going to wear a slip with this one, so I'm linking one below with the outfit deets. I preach slips under dresses like nobody's business!

There is a ton of room in this dress- it is definitely not a tight-fitting dress. That's what I love so much about it. I'm planning on throwing a white cardigan over it to wear to work and then wearing it as is on the weekend!

This dress will be ADORABLE for the summer!

Not only can you make it weekend wear, you could throw on a white cardigan and call it workwear. I'm wearing a Small in this dress and it is $18! There is room in this dress, so it is not a really tight-fitting garment.

It is NOT a low- v-neck top; it actually goes up pretty high. The fun summer print is perfect for a bit of flair and you can wear it with either flats or wedges and it would be so cute!

There are pockets on the side and the buttons are NOT functioning- they are just there for the detail.

This dress is definitely a different feel from the others. This one is a little bit shorter and the V is definitely lower cut than the rest, but the print is adorable!

This one is an XS and is $16. There is a side zipper on this one and a cute little flutter sleeve detail. I could NOT wear my regular strapless bra with this one because of how low it goes in the front, so I linked my go-to gel petals for this one.

From the picture, it almost looks like a romper, but if I would have steamed it before I tried it on, it would have fallen much better.

Last look I'm going to serve up from this haul!

This maxi is quite different from the one that I mentioned earlier in this blog post. This one is a Small and is $14, but the material is a little clingier so it hugs the body more than the last one. This one also doesn't have pockets.

The length of this one is perfect. I'm 5'4" and a lot of times, maxi dresses are just TOO long for me. I don't want to have to wear heels- I'm a flats kinda girl for the summer. Because of that, this dress and the one from earlier really hit the mark.

This dress can also be worn with a cardigan and worn to work, but again, WEAR A SLIP or at least some shapewear. This one, like I said earlier, has a clingier material than the other and it will show underwear lines, etc.

Questions?? Let me know! If there is a certain place you'd like for me to do a try-on, let me know!

Follow along with me on instagram at @imlivingforthesummer as well as on facebook!

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