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Try These Tricks for Better Skin!

I have been really paying attention to my skin lately. The summer months are the ones where I'd like to wear as little makeup as possible, so I want my skin to look as young and vibrant as possible! Here are some tricks and tips to get yours looking nice and beautiful!

Collagen Peptides- I have found SUCH a difference in my skin, nails, and hair since I started using collagen peptides every day. I put one scoop in my coffee every morning and after a week or so, I started noticing that my skin, nails, and hair are just more vibrant! My hair and nails seems stronger and my skin is clearer and more beautiful! There are lots of different brands to go for, but I use Vital Proteins since I bought it at Whole Foods.

Drink more water!- This is such a challenge. I know a lot of people who really don't care for drinking water, but if you can bump up the amount you drink during the day, you'll see a difference in both your hair and your skin!

Finishing Touch- I have been hearing so many people talk about dermaplane treatments and how beautiful it allows their makeup to go on after they get it done. I honestly have NO TIME to go to a salon to get this done, so I kept wondering how in the world can I get this at home. I know I don't want to shave my face or anything, so what is the answer?? I went to Target the other day and discovered this flawless finish product. I decided to get it since it was only $20. This Finishing Touch hair remover is perfect for the face. It will take off any peach fuzz or hair that you have on your face, but it is so gentle. My makeup goes on SO smoothly after this!

Caudalie Vinoperfect- I use this daily under my makeup. It is the lightest serum and vanishes quickly, but leaves my skin looking absolutely beautiful. It corrects tone and moisturizes without being heavy. It is a bit pricey, but it has lasted me about 6 months and I use it every single morning.

Rodan + Fields Oil Control - I have SUCH oily skin that I really need to watch what I do when I go without makeup. If I just use a cleanser and leave, my skin looks like an oil-soaked mess in just an hour or so. I discovered this oil control and haven't looked back since. I can go without makeup and my oil stays under control! It is one of the less expensive options from R+F ($27 I believe) and it lasts me a good 4 months.

Purlisse cleanser- I used this cleanser for the first time at my friend's house and I went out and bought some right when I got home. It is such a gentle cleanser, but it takes all of my makeup off without me having to scrub. It leaves my skin feeling soft and supple, unlike a lot of other cleansers that leave my skin feeling dry and stripped of all oils.

Last but not least, WEAR A HAT. Most of my summertime skin woes come because I have gotten TOO MUCH SUN. Find a fabulous hat (Wallaroo is my favorite brand) and save that skin!

Questions?? Let me know! As always, follow me on Instagram at @imlivingforthesummer and on Facebook!

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