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Tween Girl Gift Guide!!

Having trouble figuring out gifts for a 9-13 year old girl in your life! Here are a few ideas! All ideas are linked and include other ideas in the description!

Pajama Sets!

Pajama Sets are ALWAYS popular in my house! My girls love a cute set, but I don't like to pay too much for them! Shein always has a bunch of adorable sets for super affordable prices!

I grabbed a few different sets for my girls already for under the tree! Whether yours prefer gowns, short sets, long-sleeve loungewear, or sweatpants, you'll find what you're looking for! There are a bunch of Black Friday sales going on right now, or you can use code 3Melanie15 for 15% off your order!

Of all of the gifts that are safe to give ANY tween girl, a good water bottle is one! Especially now that water fountains are closed at schools, public spaces, dance studios, etc., these girls need a good bottle that can keep their water cool throughout the day!

If you want to really excite her, find a few fun stickers (here are a few from Etsy) and you can put it on the bottle to customize it! This is a favorite for many many girls this age!

If you don't already have a desk for your tween, now is the time to grab one! This precious white desk can grow along with your kid, and you can grab a fun chair to go along with it! (Mine, shown here, is from Walmart)

If you already have a desk, look for some fun accessories! It could be a faux succulent, a fun smelling candle, a decorative piece (we have a rainbow), or some decorative jars that can be used for pencils, makeup brushes, etc!

This camera is a perfect gift for both boys and girls! They can get immediate gratification from their pictures

and can be hung all around their rooms (look at these fun light up clips to put around the room too!)

This would be a fun gift from an aunt/uncle/grandparent too, and extra film is a must!

If you're thinking this will be a good gift for you, you can always grab a travel case too to keep it safe!

We're getting to the age where the girls are going to start playing around with makeup and start styling their hair. What better way to prep them for this than to grab a lighted mirror that can help them out!

Whether they keep it on their desk or vanity or bathroom counter, it'll help out!

There are tons of options, and you can find something from pretty cheap to rather expensive! I figure the first one should be on the cheaper side, but shop around!

If your girl is into makeup and hair, a set of makeup brushes would be a great idea!

Got a dancer in the fam??

If you're shopping for a dancer, here are some things they may like too!

- Leotards/Tops/Giftcards from these sites: Five Dancewear, Jo+Jax, Lululemon, Tiger Friday

- Dance Stickers to put on their water bottles! Look how cute these are!

- Competition coming up? Grab them one of these travel bags!

- Interested in turning? A turning board is a fav for a lot of girls!

Other gift ideas that a lot of the girls I know this age are wanting:

-Crop tops- this is being asked for by just about every girl this age I know. Will mine get them? ehhhh maybe for dance class.

-Holy Throwback, but everyone is asking for these Fila sneakers. I should have kept mine from middle school!

- Bath bombs, bath gel, and beginner makeup seems to be on everyone's list too! Find a fun set from Lush or Bath and Body Works to really be fun!

- Bike shorts are all the rage right now, and lots of girls this age want to wear bike shorts with their crop tops (and FILA shoes) - if you're here for it, jump on it!

What are YOUR girls interested in at this age?? Drop your ideas below! And if you're looking for more ideas, follow me on Instagram Facebook or Tiktok to see what I'm up to!

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