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Work/Classroom Looks for Less!

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

As a teacher, I'm always looking for classroom-appropriate attire that doesn't break the bank. That can be a tall order sometimes! I have turned to online shopping for a few reasons- 1) I can try on in the privacy of my own home! 2) I can return it for FREE without having to go BACK to the store.

Here are three quick outfits that are PRESH and EASY for the classroom or office!

Sometimes all you need is a tee and a cute skirt! This midi skirt has been my go-to lately! It comes as a part of a set with a black mock neck top, but I mix it up with a basic white bodysuit!

Can work style get any more cute AND comfortable than this?? These shoes are surprisingly comfortable and can be worn all day long, and this dress is airy enough to be comfy and long enough to not be worried about it all day long!

A basic staple in my wardrobe is an easy tee dress- I like to buy them sleeveless so I just throw on a denim jacket and call it a day! This is USUALLY when I don't want to wash my hair (I like wearing a collar when my hair is up!)

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