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Big Brother Finale: Do Better CBS

As a Big Brother fan, I dedicate a lot of my time to the houseguests. Not only do I spend an hour of my life on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on the shows, but I watch the live feeds and keep up with some BB blogs. Countless hours are spent building up to the big ending: the finale. I have looked forward to this finale all season. Last night I got all cozy on my favorite couch, got my glass of wine, and then CBS, you give me that.

That finale was sad excuse of a production that CBS SQUEEZED into a 90-minute block. The pace was hectic the entire time- once the final HOH was crowned, it's like the show couldn't take a breath. They hurried along the all answers to all questions and didn't really allow anyone the time needed to formulate responses. I felt anxious that it would even FINISH because of the pace they set. It made the entire thing seem last minute and not put together well. The finale of the BEST SEASON OF BIG BROTHER deserved a better finale than that.

They cut off Tyler and Kaycee on the answers to their questions, as well as their final plea. This is Big Brother, guys. These two are THE game players. They should be the focus of the entire show. Many times, their answers to the questions are what sway the jury votes. They didn't even have time to FINISH their final plea. They were forced to speak a mile a minute and Julie interrupted them to hurry them along every step of the way. Way to ruin something I've been looking forward to, guys.

She hurried them, yet Swaggy C was allowed air time for that bullshit proposal? What? WHAT? They dedicated air time to the ridiculousness that is Swaggy C and Bayleigh. Really? REALLY CBS? You cut the final two's speeches short, and then you spend AIR TIME ON THAT??? I honestly wouldn't have minded this inclusion at all if there was time for it, but there wasn't.

They neglected some of my favorite parts of finale night that I've been looking forward to all season.

My two favorite parts of every finale show:

1. The talk with Dr. Will

Could this have been any more glossed over? They showed one small segment of it. While they showed good clips (can you believe that Bayleigh was the one leading the charge for Tyler?) they left out SO MUCH. So much. I want to see the full thing, or at least decent coverage of it.

The most interesting part of this talk is that it is when the jurors really are able to understand WHY they feel the way they do about the houseguests remaining. This is the eye-opener for a lot of them in terms of gameplay. They mostly showed clips where people talked about having a "bad taste" in their mouth about Tyler, but there had to have been SO MUCH MORE behind that conversation. Do better CBS.

2. The talk with the non-jury members of the cast.

I love when they get to disclose some of the secrets that they learned through watching the show that the jury didn't know. They always do it right after they lock in their votes so that it can't change anything, but I LOVE the expressions of the jurors when they learn what has really been going on behind the scenes. I wanted someone to tell everyone about watching Angela and Tyler, or about JC being the mastermind, or about how everyone was played by this houseguest or that houseguest.

THIS DIDN'T EVEN HAPPEN!!! What is going on here??

The houseguests who didn't make it to the jury were given NO air time. They weren't even spoken to. They just happened to be sitting on stage. I really believe they should have been given the opportunity to speak a little. Of course they don't need to be the highlight of the night, but it is one of my favorite segments.

Overall, I'm disappointed with the finale in almost every way. Of course I can't decide how a bitter jury votes (I was team Tyler all the way,) but the production of the entire finale left something to be desired. Did you really need to have an hour and a half Survivor before? You could have added 30 minutes.

I think we need a reunion show for this season of Big Brother just like they do for all the Bravo shows. I'd be behind that 100%!

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