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Why I Invested in a Maid!

I'm a busy, busy woman. I have two young children, teach 10th grade English full time, coach a nationally-ranked dance team, bring my girls to dancing and tumbling and competition rehearsals, support my husband in his athletics, operate my blog, stay in shape. I got six jobs and y'all, I get tirrrreeeddd. During the school year, I look forward to doing AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE on my weekends. One of the lowest priorities on my totem pole of responsibilities?? Keeping my house clean. I know some people are all about that cleaning life, but that just is NOT me. I would rather veg out on the couch and do nothing.

I have heard people talk about getting a maid before and I just didn't think that it was for me. I didn't want to spend my hard-earned money on something that I felt like I should easily be doing myself. How lazy would that make me to spend money on something that is my responsibility? The problem IS that it ISN'T easy to do myself. Most of the time it is a daunting task that just hangs over my head and makes me angry, and whatever takes my mental peace away from me needs to go.

Here is where Two Maids: Baton Rouge comes in. I tagged out and they tagged in!

While they were working, I could leave if I wanted. I could stay and work at home while they worked (which I did). I never felt pressure to get out or move out of the way. My girls stayed and played in their rooms. The two maids who came (Tressie and Marie) were super friendly, very polite, and completely thorough in their cleaning (they even cleaned out the soap dish in my bathtub.) My house looked like a different place and it smelled DIVINE.

working at my table while my kitchen is cleaned

They came in and divided and conquered my house. One dusted while one sprayed down the bathroom. One worked on the stove top while one vacuumed. They worked together beautifully and efficiently. What all did they take on?? Dusting, cabinets, baseboards, tubs, vacuuming, oven, stove top, showers, microwave, trash, surfaces, toilets, mopping, fans, blinds... everything! Days later, my house STILL smells fantastic.

I was worried about a few things.

#1- how long will this take??

My sister got a maid one time and she was there for HOURS AND HOURS. I am not about that life. These two amazing ladies from Two Maids got to my house at 11:45 and were done by about 2 pm. They divided and conquered the whole house! A little over 2 hours and my house looked like a different place!

#2- do I need to go through and do a thorough clean before they even get here?? Shouldn't I just clean?

I did pick up a little bit, but for the most part, they cleaned up as they went, or moved some things around and then put it back where they found it. These ladies were amazing!

#3- are they going to judge me on the cleanliness of my house??

For some reason, this one really bothered me. I know I'm not a total slob, but I also don't ever clean a baseboard. As I gave these ladies the walk through of the house, they were super professional! They ASSURED me that they have seen much worse than the status of my shower. They were so friendly too that I was just happy to have them doing the jobs that are so daunting and tedious for me.

#4- what kind of cost are we talking?

I am NOT one to just throw around money. I want to know exactly what I'm getting into before I commit to a service. The best part about Two Maids is that they offer different levels of cleanings and different time frames. Want a deep clean?? That costs more than just a maintenance clean. It also depends on the size of your house. To me, even if you can't afford to get them in monthly, a good deep clean every six months or a year would be worth it so they could be responsible for the tedious tasks that you hate. Visit their website for a quote! It could be anywhere from $100 up depending on size of the job and status of the job.

Now that I have experienced what good, solid maids can do, I don't think there is any going back! Even if it's not for a regular monthly or bi-monthly cleaning, getting them in to do a deep cleaning even once a YEAR would be worth it!

Two Maids leaving after getting the job done!

These ladies left me a very happy girl and I cannot even express how badly I needed a good cleaning in my house.

I 1000% recommend Two Maids Baton Rouge to you if you're looking for some help around the house. They service the entire greater Baton Rouge area, so if you want a quote or want to talk to someone, check them out at their website or on instagram!

As always, follow me on Instagram at @imlivingforthesummer to keep up with my latest!

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