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Booties Rockin' Everywhere: Fall Shoe Guide!

FALL IS COMING and so is the cooler weather! At least I hope it really is!

As the weather cools, or at least teases us with the promise of cooling, our fall fashions are going to break out of the closet. Instead of struggling with your shoes this fall, try grabbing a couple of pairs of booties and incorporate those!!

Booties are one of my favorite ways to jazz up a simple pair of skinnies or a dress and really make an outfit look interesting! Most of the ones I own are REALLY comfortable, so they won't leave your feet feeling terrible.

Look 1- Work

Sweater- Forever 21

Shirt- Forever 21

Pants- Just Black brand- Frock Candy

Booties- City Classified- Amazon - and even better-- they are Prime!

These booties are some of my favorite because I can wear them all day and walk a TON and my feet still feel happy. I got them in both tan and black so that I can wear them throughout the fall and winter, no matter what I'm wearing.

I LOVE mixing stripes with solids and ankle pants are usually my go-to. I'm 5'4", so unless I want to wear heels all the time, ankle pants are the way to go.

Look 2- Weekend Wear

Sweater- Forever 21

Pants- Just Black- Adeline Clothing

These booties are SO CUTE and are such a transitional piece! They are pretty comfortable and very reasonably priced (today they are a part of a buy one get one 50% off sale!)

Worried about what your behind looks like in skinny jeans or leggings?? Get a bunch of longline sweaters and you won't have to think about that at all! It can be almost like a comfort blanket, especially if it has pockets!

A bunch of simple basics put together can make for a really easy outfit. You can always add a fun pair of earrings or a necklace to add a pop of color.

Look 3- Dress it up!

Tshirt Dress- Forever 21

SLIP underneath- Amazon

Booties- Lucky Brand from Dillard's

Earrings- Rebl Creative

Sometimes you just want to wear a dress, and especially for the fall, booties are a cute way to jazz it up! A simple tshirt dress (which when it gets colder, you can throw a sweater on too) gets an update with a fun pair of booties. You could wear it with a few different colors (especially a tan color!)

Like I always say, the KEY to looking good in a tshirt dress is the PROPER SLIP. I have linked my favorite slip here, but these Jockey slip shorts are amazing, especially if you have issues with chafing.

Look 4- Weekend Wear

Top- Versona

Jeans- Gap

Booties- Nature Breeze

Earrings- Rebl Creative

An off-the-shoulder Piko-style top is one of my favorite pieces. You can either tie it on the side or wear it open, so you have so many options! Throw on a cute necklace and you've got a new look!

These booties are also SUPER cute. I usually cuff the bottom of my skinnies and throw these Nature Breeze booties on and I get SO MANY compliments! They are available in a few colors, so check out the link above!

If you're going to wear tight pants- offset that with something with more volume on top. I rarely wear something tight both on top and on bottom. It'll make everything look more proportionate.

Look 5- Casual Day

Earrings- Rebl Creative

Who said that white is out for the fall?? Not me! I LOVE mixing white with darker fall-looking colors! They are still selling white bottoms in so many stores right now. It is NOT out of style to wear white after Labor Day. Get on trend and get some white pieces!

These shoes too are amazing! I have them linked above from Amazon! They are SUPER comfortable!

What is YOUR favorite way to wear booties?? Are you more of a tall boot kind of girl? Questions about the styles above? Let me know!

As always, follow me on instagram at @imlivingforthesummer and on facebook!

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3 Kommentare

Jackie Trina
Jackie Trina
18. Okt. 2018

Love all of these!

Gefällt mir

These are all such adorable looks, Melanie! I think my fav is the "dress it up!" The booties are so versatile and you look super cute in them all!

Gefällt mir

You are gorgeous!! I love the booties with outfit #4!! Great ideas and i love your style!!

Gefällt mir
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