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Cupshe Swimsuit Try On and Reviews!

It is almost Spring Break, so it is time to get some swimsuit shopping done so I can wear them all season long! Last year, I was obsessed with the suits I bought from the company Cupshe. They were all good quality and affordable, so I KNEW I wanted to go back to get some more. I can buy a few of these bathing suits versus only being able to afford one at a major department store. All of the suits I got are under $30.

I know a lot of people like shopping on Amazon for just about everything, so I linked them below, but you can definitely buy it directly from the site too- I linked those too on the pictures from the site. The ones fulfilled by Amazon, though, may get to you faster, as sometimes Cupshe can take a week or two to get to you.

Look here at my Amazon lists for more ideas! I've got tons of ideas for beauty, clothes, undergarments, etc.

FOR REFERENCE- I am 5'4" and ordered a small in all of these suits.

Suit 1:

This one might be my favorite of all of the ones I bought. It is super flattering since it has these black lines running through the suit. The bottom is not cheeky at all in the back, which is so unlike many swimsuits this season. This is more of a full-bottomed suit, so if that's what you're wanting- this is it, girl! I can see that the top of this swimmie could be a big issue for some larger-chested girls since it does plunge quite a bit, but if you're on the smaller side of the chest game like me, you'll be fine. Always find the silver lining of having a small chest :)

This suit is lined and has cups, so I shouldn't have any issues with it being see-through in the water (if you've never had a suit where this is a problem, count yourself lucky!) It is for SURE a keeper, and it's less than $30!

You'll notice with a lot of Cupshe suits that their patterns stay consistent, so while one style of suit may not work for you, you'll find a different style that does and you can find a few suits in that same cut.

Suit 2:

This suit is my FAVORITE one that I got from my Cupshe haul. It fits WONDERFULLY and the coverage is great. The tie in the middle goes all around the waist and you can make a cute little bow out of it. The colorblocking is so on trend right now, too! (so I'm just noticing that my top is opposite from the pic from Cupshe- I wondered for a while if it was on backwards, but it has cups in the front, so.... I suppose not.)

Like the other suits, this one has cups and is lined, so I'll be covered up. Also, this one is perfect for mom life because the coverage is great. It is not cheeky in the back, so the booty stays covered, and the V in the front is not plunging. It IS cut a little high in the front of the leg, but I still find it super flattering.

The back of the suit mimics the front in that both have the V. There are no clasps or bows on the back of this suit, so it is comfortable to sit in all day at the pool or beach.

Suit 3:

This suit is the only two piece that I purchased. It is a high-waisted suit. Look at this vid to see a little more of my thoughts! I like it, I'm just not that sure about it.

I think it's cute, but there is a whole lot of fabric around the middle. The rouching almost is too much. The top has adjustable straps and I absolutely love that about it.

Suit 4:

I LOVE this suit. The colorblocking is so cute (it looks black on bottom, but it is actually navy.) This is a size small and fits me really well. The only issue is that it is a bit cheekier in the back than I'm used to, so if you're looking for a full-covered bottom, this probably isn't the suit for you. It isn't inappropriately cheeky, just more than I'm used to. I'm a mom- I tend to go with the full bottom, but this one isn't terrible.

The straps are adjustable and cross in the back so the fit there shouldn't be an issue. The suit is lined with cups, so it shouldn't be see-through when it gets wet. Overall, I'm excited to wear this one! It's a keeper!

Suit 5:

This suit did NOT work for me. It is the same size as the other suits, but it just fit very, very differently. There is way too much room around the arms and the stomach doesn't fit for me. As you can see from both the front and the back of the waist of this suit, it just has a little too much fabric for my build. I have NO booty though, so if you do, this may be a great one for you. The top is adjustable and you can tie it however tightly or loosely you want, which is great for fit. This is one that I'm returning, and thankfully they have an amazing return policy. Of course if you grab it from Amazon, you can return super easily there too.

Suit 6- Previous Cupshe purchase that is still for sale on their site!

This black and white suit has been so awesome for me the past two years and they still are selling it on the site now. It has adjustable straps and is really flattering. I have gotten so many compliments on this suit every time I wear it. I've had it for two years and it is still holding up, which goes to show that the quality of the pieces that I have gotten from Cupshe have been really good!

What do you think?? Which one is your fav? And are you eyeing any other ones from the site? Let me know what suits you're looking at for yourself and if you have any questions!!

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