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Get Fit at Body Sculpt Barre: It's Worth It!

As we get older and our attention is divided among work, family, and home, we tend to neglect ourselves. We lose ourselves sometimes because fitness can sometimes feel like the least important task that we have to worry about. It just doesn't make it to the top of the importance totem pole for lots of women, so it doesn't happen, but that needs to change! You can't be your best self if you don't take care of yourself, and you can't expect to teach other tiny humans how to take care of THEMselves if you can't lead by example. Focusing on your body and your health will make you FEEL so much better, thus making you more able to take care of others!

Let me tell you how I found Body Sculpt

I was a runner. I ran cross country in high school and I started running long distance when my husband got really into it. I loved it. I would LOVE the feeling of losing myself in a long run and I felt SO accomplished when I would cross the finish line of a marathon. Then... I ruined my knee and had knee surgery. After surgery, I never got back to the point that I could run without really really FEELING the ache in my knee. I needed a new outlet. I wasn't doing much of anything and I wasn't feeling my best. I felt lost without this part of my life and I needed to find something to fill the void.

This is when a friend of mine invited me to go with her to Body Sculpt Barre Studio: Brusly. It has completely changed my fitness game and my body. It has also introduced me to some amazing women that I can now call friends.

Working at the barre at Body Sculpt: Prairieville

Not only do I get a killer workout from this place, but it is SO good for my mental strength. My favorite part about marathoning is that I would want to quit SO bad, and then I didn't. It would really teach me about grit, determination, and endurance. Barre does this in a very similar way. You think "omg I can't do this anymore" and then you do. HALF of the fitness journey is mental strength, because you CAN'T do it until you think you can. It's always my favorite when the instructor yells out "Yes you can" because it reminds me that, yes, I can do anything I put my mind to. You can, too.

Pound class uses these sticks!

I know one of my biggest concerns before starting was "so what do I do?" I hate being the new person, and I was worried about not knowing anyone and not knowing exactly what to do since I had never taken a barre class before. Let me tell you- these people have been SO friendly and SO helpful. They take care of all of the new people. Other classmates will grab a mat for me, someone else will grab my ball, the instructor will check on me, all before class even starts. During class, the instructor gives all sorts of modifications for if the moves are too difficult. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, they make it perfect for you. Now, it'll be hard. It'll be a complete challenge for your body and you'll feel the best kind of sore after, but one of the best parts about it is that if you stick with it, it gets easier and easier and you'll feel so accomplished.

So which class should you take??

It all depends on what you like.

I LOVE Pound-- you use drum sticks to strike the ground to fun beats. The music is loud, it's fun, and you sneak a work out in when it almost doesn't even feel like you are (well that's not true- it's WORK, but it's GOOD work). If you're a former dancer, you'll especially love this one, as it works with the beat of the music! I try not to ever miss Pound!! It's so much fun, the music is loud, and it can sometimes feel like you're back in the club :)

Barre is so challenging in and of itself. You use weights, bands, balls, and your own body weight to really sculpt your entire body. Your legs will shake in the best way and when you leave, you will feel SO accomplished. The class focuses on all muscle groups: arms, legs, butt, core! Some of the class will be at the barre and some will be done in the center. You never know what mix the instructor will throw at you since every class is different and every instructor takes you through a different workout!

Working on the core in the center of class

There are mix classes, abs & assets, Barre X, and so many more. Read the description and give them a try. Go in with an open mind and accept the challenge. Every time you work on your fitness, you get a little stronger! And the BEST thing about Body Sculpt is that every single class is different; you'll never get the same workout twice. You won't get bored and it'll always be a new challenge! Check HERE for a vid from Bring Your Beau to the Barre! Such a fun event and such a challenge!

At any of the Body Sculpt Studios (there is one in Central, Prairieville, Brusly, and Northshore) your first class is free. This is what got me hooked! There are also tons of free events in the area! There are things like Wine down Wednesday and Brunch classes on Sundays all around Baton Rouge! Follow them on Instagram to find the events! They use the Mindbody app to book classes!

I know that there are tons of other barre studios (or pilates, yoga, etc) to go to- if you have a place in mind- TRY IT OUT. You'll just see that the Body Sculpt studios are better than the others in the area!

Isn't it time that you did something for yourself??

No matter WHAT avenue you choose, choose something. Running? Barre? Crossfit? Walking around the block?? DO IT! Invest in yourself.

Questions??? Let me know! And as always, follow me on Instagram at @imlivingforthesummer and on facebook!

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