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Gift Idea: Architectural Memories!

Louisiana has so many wonderful places that provoke nostalgia- churches, restaurants, universities, sorority houses, landmarks. If you're anything like me, you've got a TON of local eateries or schools that hold great memories. Whether they be from your high school days or current day, places hold so much meaning.

The other day I was shopping at The Foyer in Baton Rouge and was reminded how much I love Kai Drobish's Architectural Memories; these are some of my absolute favorite pieces of art in my house. These 5x7 ceramic tiles are hand-painted and original and depict locations all across Louisiana.

My kitchen wall of Architectural Memories

The plaques make amazing gifts (at about $28 each)- these are the ones featured on my kitchen wall! I've got my high school, my sorority house, where I got married, and restaurants that mean so much to me. I've gotten some as gifts and have bought some for myself- they are definitely some of my favorite pieces in my home. I have about ten more that I want to buy- I've been adding one to my collection every few months!

A portion of the collection at The Foyer

Also available are these smaller-sized ceramic ornaments, which at $12 a piece, make a great gift! I've seen these at The Foyer in Baton Rouge, Caroline & Company or The Kitchenary in Lafayette, and other small shops across South Louisiana.

Architectural Memories by Kai Drobish

Are you a fan of these Architectural Memories?? Tell me which ones are your favorite pieces! And where do YOU buy them??

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