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How to Shop Forever 21 When You're.... Over 21

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

I get so many compliments on outfits, and when I tell people that the outfit is from Forever 21, I usually hear comments like, "I don't know how you shop there!" or the most popular one, "How can you find anything age-appropriate at that store!"

All good questions, so let me share with you my tricks of navigating Forever 21 to find styles you can wear to work or casual styles. Nothing seems to be as difficult as shopping when you're in the stage where you're either too young or too old for clothing. Like any store, Forever 21 has seasons where they have TONS of items I buy, and then sometimes where I cannot find just about anything. This season happens to be one where I am finding a lot of items! I am MUCH more of an online buyer at this store since it can be difficult to dig in the store if you don't have much time. The best part now is that you can return everything, no more store credit only option. Because of this, I buy a TON online and then return what isn't perfect. Hopefully these tips can help you find some cheap clothing that is super cute!

1. Look for staples without prints

I like to buy basic pieces and then update the look with necklaces, shoes, sweaters, etc. For example, look at this adorable romper-- This would be the perfect piece for a summertime wardrobe! Because it's relatively plain, you can style it many different ways to keep it looking fresh, plus its only $9.90!

I just picked up this cute one too for football season!

I wear this romper all the time and have gotten tons of compliments- it is a Forever 21 find for less than $15!

Hanging in Old Town San Diego in my Forever 21 romper!

2. Check out the contemporary collection.

The contemporary collection is made a bit bigger and more in mind of people who are NOT teenagers. I find lots of work appropriate blouses and dresses through this section, as well as really flattering weekend wear. This red top below is something I would go to for dinner! (all pictures are linked for you!)

3. Look for blouses

The "floral tops" section is a good place to start for appropriate work tops. They are super cheap and super flattering. If you click on something you like, the website usually does a great job with matching your style for other pieces that are available.

How cute are these pieces that are so popular right now with bloggers??

4. Avoid pants

For the most part, the pants are just not flattering. There are a few times where I can find a cute pair of denim in store, and I can often find really cute patterned shorts, but I would keep that for store try-ons only.

5. Search for "trapeze"

San Diego Zoo in my trapeze tshirt dress from Forever 21

I don't like a lot of really tight-fitting dresses, so I always type in "trapeze" in the search bar and see what comes up. Usually there are a lot of flowy, cute, simple dresses and tops that can be easily worn to work since they aren't tight. During the winter, I LIVE in trapeze dresses with a pair of leggings under, a sweater over, and boots. It is always super cute and I get tons of compliments on it!

This navy dress is a trapeze tshirt dress from Forever 21 that I got in black and navy and have gotten so many compliments on it!

6. Go check out the sandals!

I have SO MANY pairs of sandals that were $12 or under. They always have great shoes for the summer and, most of the time, they last me years. The best part is, when they start to unravel or mess up, you can throw them away easily since they hardly cost anything!

7. Look for how the items fit the model

If a dress looks tight on the model, GIRL it's going to be tight on you! Don't buy that unless you want to size up or that is your desired fit. It is NOT mine. Check out this romper.

This is definitely something I would gravitate toward because of the way it fits on her. It has some volume to it and isn't hugging curves too tightly. It looks relaxed, and even better, it is on sale for $6!! I just picked this one up in two colors!

8. Be prepared to dig!

Sometimes, a proper Forever 21 shop can take hours. Even if I'm online, I look and look and look. Now, fortunately, it's easier than ever since returns are possible, but you still want to be able to go through as much as you can. Keep in mind, there will be a TON OF ITEMS that are totally not your style, and that's okay, but if you can find a few pieces for $10 or under, then, in my book, it was a success!

Happy shopping! Let me know if you found this helpful or if you have any other questions!!! Want to see something specific on the blog?? Let me know!

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