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IPL Laser Hair Removal: A MUST for Summer

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

The summer is COMING! We're already having days that finally FEEL like spring; warm weather is here, and what does that mean for me? Beach trips! Pool time! Outdoor life! Shorts, tanks, and swimsuits!! If you live all summer long in these items like I do, you might want to do yourself a favor and look into IPL laser hair removal to get rid of the annoying hassle of shaving.

Here in South Louisiana, if you keep too many clothes on during the summer, you will be MISERABLE. I was never quite confident in my bathing suits because I get razor burn and bumps badly around my bikini line (UGH!) I always WANTED to try hair removal, but I was always put off by the price. I've always seen it bundled with all of the treatments together, and I would have to shell out hundreds of dollars at one time. After happily getting a microdermabrasion treatment done at Body Brite Baton Rouge, I finally decided to try IPL there since the first treatment there is only $29.

Yes! $29!

I wasn't willing to shell out hundreds on something I wasn't even sure would work for me, but $29? I can DO that. Of course you COULD pay up front for everything or could do a monthly subscription, but I love that I can pay as I go and decide to stop at any time I wanted. I always like options.

What to expect?

Before we even got started, my esthetician, Tanya, told me all about the process and who gets the best results from these IPL treatments. She explained that the hair has to be dark and there has to be contrast between the hair color and and skin color in order for the IPL to be effective. Because of this, she told me I shouldn't tan or use self-tanner for the best (and quickest) result. She showed me the machine she would be using and gave me some glasses to shield my eyes. Since I decided to get my bikini line treated, I got a pair of disposable underwear to put on and then we got started.

These white pieces at the top are the IPL lasers

I chose to only get my bikini line treated, so it really didn't take that long (about 15 minutes.) The first pulse was surprising for me and a little painful, so Tanya turned down the pulse strength for me. After that, it was definitely not pleasant, but not painful. It almost feels like a rubberband snapping against your skin. I flinched every pulse, but it really wasn't painful. You'll smell burnt hair, but that is completely normal.

If you've ever had a bikini wax before, you know how unpleasant it is. I had a REALLY bad experience with waxing -- it left me all kinds of bruised right before a big trip :( -- so the amount of ouch that came from the IPL is WAY less than that of waxing. It also didn't leave my skin looking terrible. I could have worn a bathing suit the next day and had no problem.

The only direction I got in terms of care is that I was not supposed to get overheated for two days after the treatment: no hot baths, no vigorous exercise, etc. After those directions, I was free to go! I scheduled my next treatment for 5 weeks from the date of my first.

Results so far?

I had my treatment four weeks ago, and in the first three weeks, I only had to shave once. ONCE! I am SHOCKED how well this has worked for me so far. I was expecting to not really see results until three or four treatments in, but, even after one treatment, it has really changed how my hair grows. Now, I'm noticing that some of the hair is growing in, but it is patchier and lighter than before. I'm hopeful that after a few treatments (she says nine is usually the magic number for most people) I won't have to shave at all! Not having to deal with bumps and burns has boosted my confidence SO much while in bathing suits!

Interested?? Check them out at BodyBriteBatonRouge! You can't go wrong with your first treatment for only $29! I've really enjoyed both services I've gotten there so far- they are very professional and friendly. I recommend them 100%!

Tell them I sent you and you'll get 10% off your IPL treatment!!

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