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Makeup Bag Essentials!

Makeup, skincare, and other beauty products can be really daunting if you don't know what it is you are looking for. Sometimes I see someone with really great skin or makeup and wonder what products they use, so I've started to ask them! After chatting extensively with others about their favorite products and trying out hundreds of dollars of duds, I have found the holy grail of makeup bag essentials.

Here are my absolute favs!!


Kat Von D Lock It Foundation- If you are looking for a full-coverage, matte foundation, look no further. This foundation is AMAZING. It lasts forever and is nice and thick, which makes for for smooth, even application. Sometimes it can be TOO thick for me, so I usually mix it on my hand with IT Cosmetics CC Cream before I apply to my face. You can always wear the CC Cream by itself, but mixed along with the Kat Von D Lock It, it makes for an absolutely flawless look. The CC cream also has SPF 50 and has anti-aging serum in it, so it really works with your skin to help perfect, not just hide. Again, you may think that it is pricey, but you will be so happy with the results it leave you, and the products last for a long time. When it comes to your skin, it is WORTH it! I have seen HUGE improvements in my skin after using this daily.

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder: This powder is great for setting makeup, or just setting your undereye. I use it all over my face after applying foundation and concealer, and it really just keeps my makeup in place all day long. It is worth every penny!

Rodan + Fields Unblemish Oil Control Lotion- This has been my secret to having less oil on my face. I have struggled with an oily complexion forever, so when I was introduced to this product, I was skeptical, as I am with all oil-control type products. This one, though, WORKS. I use this on my clean skin before I put on any foundation at all. It has SPF, but it controls the oil so well! And at only $27, it is super affordable. Oily girls, this is a MUST!!!!!!


Native Natural Deodorant- In the past year, I have switched from regular deodorant to aluminum free. This has been a HUGE change (and does require some time for change,) but I have been so happy with the results. Native has been my favorite brand that I have tried- there are great scents and it WORKS. No smelly Mel here, and also none of the issues I get from regular deodorant. If you have sensitive armpits and/or suffer from ingrown hair in your pit, I would definitely recommend making the switch. It is also a super safe option and you'll get rid of that body odor scent that occurs along with regular deodorant.


Laura Mercier Blush Quad- This blush has been great for me- I always find that other colors are too pigmented and one-note, so it looks very "blushy" on my cheeks. Because of the multiple tones of this quad, it looks very natural. And of course, all things Laura Mercier are well made and worth the price tag. I've bought lots of blush products that I have been really unimpressed with, so this one has staying power with me. I've used the same product for about two years now and am no where near hitting pan!


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper Black- This eyeliner by FAR the best liquid liner pen I have ever used. It stay good for SO long and doesn't dry out, and it makes it so easy to draw a nice line or a cat eye. I started using this last summer and have used it every single day since then. It took me a YEAR before I had to buy a new one. It seems a little pricey at $20, but you could go buy a cheap one at the drug store and it would dry out on you in no time. Invest and you'll be so happy!

Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black- This mascara has been my favorite since I was in high school. It doesn't clump your eyelashes and it really adds volume. Plus, if you buy from a Clinique counter, you can wait until bonus time and get a travel-sized one of these for free! I have tried all sorts of mascaras, from high end to drugstore, and this one is still my favorite staple.

Rodan + Fields Lash Boost- I was very hesitant to try this because of the price tag. At $135, I wasn't sure if I could pull the plug or if it would be worth it. After going back and forth for about a year, I finally decided to try it. What a result it gives!! My lashes are fuller and longer than ever, making them more of a focus on my face. The mascara isn't as important when your lashes are doing the work for you! It for sure is not a necessity in life, but I have been so pleasantly surprised since I bought it that I wanted to share!


Lipsense- I am a Lipsense girl through and through. There has been no other product that I have used that can get me through an entire school day, practice, and afternoon activities without having to reapply. I can drink, eat, wipe my face, sweat-- it still stays on. For sure, there are some colors and finishes that don't work as well, I haven't had much luck with the matte finishes, but my go-to is Precious Topaz. I use Glossy Gloss to set. This has been a game-changer for me! A tube lasts FOREVER too, so when you find a color you love, you'll be set for a while! Looking for some- let me know. I can get you in touch with the right people!


Essie- Of all of the brands of nail polish out there, Essie is my favorite. It is affordable, I can buy it at Target, and it stays well. I am definitely NOT the type to go get my nails done-- I just don't want to spend the time or money on that. I DO, however, like to have my toenails polished at all times. I put a good coat or two of this on and it'll last me weeks!

And my makeup bag is from Royal Standard! It was a gift and I LOVE it! (If you haven't tried out Royal Standard for gifts, give it a try!)

What are YOUR makeup essentials?? Is there a certain product you just can't live without?? Let me know!

As always - follow me on instagram at @imlivingforthesummer and on facebook!

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