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Making the Most of Your Wardrobe: Re-styling the Same Piece

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Running Errands!

You know when you go shopping and you find a super cute piece, but then you go home and can't really figure out how to wear it?? That was what happened to me with this top, as well as lots of pieces I buy that are not solid-colored.. I have been sitting on it for weeks now, so today, I was DETERMINED to wear it, but I also didn't want to get stuck in the rut of wearing it only in the summer with my white shorts, as styled above. I would wear this particular outfit out running errands, like I did today, or out to meet someone for a quick lunch.

Lots of people get into the habit of styling one piece of clothing the same way every time, especially when it is patterned or is a distinct piece. Whether it be a shirt or bottom, once many people find an outfit that's cute using that piece, they tend to style it the same time every time they wear it. This is NOT making the most of your wardrobe. No matter what piece you buy, you should always think about how to re-style it so you can keep your style fresh! In this post, I'll show you different ways to style this Colorblock tank. Lots of folks would see this and think summertime- but I'll give you some tips and wardrobe staples to help you bring one piece through the seasons. (I'll do the same with a plain tee in a later post!)

Let's start with the first look with the white shorts from the opening pic-

The deets:

-These particular shorts are from Adeline Clothing, an online clothing boutique based out of Louisiana. I LOVE buying from them and get my hands on as many pieces as I can.

-The sandals are nude braided sandals from Forever 21.

-I'm wearing a strapless bra under this top, too. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Warner's "This is Not a Bra Underwire Strapless Convertible Bra". I have four different bras of this exact bra because it is that amazing.

- In the picture from the beginning of the post, I am using my Vera Bradley pink leather tote. I keep ALL.THE.STUFF in my bag, so I need a huge one. I love this purse and I snagged it from Style Encore for less than $50!!!

Okay okay okay- so you can wear it with shorts, whoopie-- WHAT ABOUT WORK? Great question!

This look is how I might style this if I was heading to work (excuse the open door behind me in the pic- I'm usually so much more with it than that!) CLEARLY I can't wear a little strappy tank to school, so I would throw on a very lightweight, open-draped cardi. Because of the white in it, I would go for something white to keep some lightness to it. This particular sweater is from Frock Candy and was less that $30. It has ruffle detailing on the bottom and fits like a dream.

At work, I'm partial to slim cut pants (these pictured from White House Black Market Outlet-- they were about $45 a pair and worth every penny!), and because I'm somewhat short, I always go for a cropped pant. This way, I can wear flats or sandals. Anytime I have ever tried to buy some sort of bootcut work pants, I either have to wear them with heels or get them hemmed-- no thanks to either. I'll just buy them cropped and rock my comfy flats. Here I paired them with some Tory Burch wedges that I snagged from Style Encore for under $50!

This next look is also super appropriate for the office! Same top, but I put it with a simple white cardigan to cover the straps (this one from J. Crew Outlet).

The skirt is the Cassie from Lularoe. I never really bought into the craze, but I do LOVE this skirt and I bought it in a few colors. It is comfy because it has no zippers and it stays in place.

I also am a sucker for a tan shoe. I much prefer it to coupling outfits with a black shoe, just because it almost looks like I don't have shoes on and that's what I'm going for. These are Gianni Bini from Dillard's.

Hmm- After that, I feel like I need a DRINK! Let's go out!

Throw off the cardi and pair it with a sassy skirt and some heels and call it a day! I found this skirt on sale at Frock Candy and I can't get enough of it! It is certainly NOT work-appropriate, but totally okay for the bar. :) Because the top has a little volume, it looks super cute tucked into the skirt.

I paired it with some cork-wedged heels. These are Steve Madden. I always prefer a wedge to a regular heel because they are so much more COMFORTABLE. I'm not 18 anymore folks, comfort wins the day a lot of the time.

I also wanted to touch on transitioning pieces from summer to fall. The way I might do that is to layer!

Open draped cardigans are my best friends. I have about a million of them in different shapes, lengths, and fabrics. This one (also from Frock Candy) is much heavier than the white I mentioned earlier, so it is perfect for when the weather gets a little cooler. I paired them with a simple pair of skinny jeans (Gap is my jean haven) and some booties. This is definitely a way that I might ease into fall and those cooler temps!

Hope this was helpful! Let me know if there is something you'd like to see, and as always, follow me on instagram at livingforthesummerblog!!

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