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Read More This Year!

Reading is one of my absolute favorite pastimes. There is almost always a book in my purse. It doesn't matter if I'm waiting at the doctor's office, riding in a car, or ignoring the football being broadcast on my television, I always jump for my favorite escape of a novel. My husband can laugh at me all he wants about my obsession with paranormal romance- I love it!

I know a lot of people who would LOVE to read more, but there seems to be something stopping them (usually time!) If there is ANYTHING I can recommend for the new year, it is to READ more. Find the time to sit and cozy up with a good book. Escape into the novel you choose and enjoy.

I ALWAYS get asked how to find a good book. Do NOT just go browse the library or local bookstore. You'll end up with a pretty cover and probably not much substance between the covers. This is usually why most people end up not reading much- they don't love their book. My absolutely necessary tool is Goodreads! I have the app on my phone and it is hugely important when I'm shopping around for my next book. I have it open when I go to the bookstore, and if I find a book that looks interesting, I look it up on Goodreads. Is it rated under 3.8 stars? Then I don't read it. I usually try to stick with books that are 4 stars so that I KNOW that I'll like it. This way, I don't get bored with my book ever and I constantly WANT to read to see what happens.

Look up the best rated books of the year! START HERE. If you don't like these books- then what DO you like??? These are the top rated books of the entire year. You can go back to previous years, too. This is why I tend to read only good books- I do my homework before I pick one out. I can't STAND reading a crappy piece of fiction- it feels like such a waste of time! Don't do that to yourself! Only read the best! has helped me find my way through books for years now and I keep track of my progress toward my goal through their Reading Challenge. This year, I have challenged myself to read 50 books. I'll update along the way and check myself! I get the good majority of my books read over the summer, but it's good to watch your progress that you make along the way!

I'm currently reading The Last Kingdom series by Bernard Cornwell! I am OBSESSED! If you liked Vikings or Game of Thrones, you'll love these! It historical fiction based on the Saxons vs. the Danes in the late 800s. FASCINATING! There is a show on Netflix too which is out of this world. Enjoy Uhtred, son of Uhtred- you're welcome!

Want more reading suggestions?? Let me know! You can click HERE for my last blog post on reading suggestions! I'm working on another one right now!

Follow me on Instagram at @imlivingforthesummer, Goodreads, and on facebook to keep up with what I'm reading!

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