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Shein Clothing: My New Shopping Obsession!

I LOVE to shop, but I don't like to spend a whole lot of money on each piece. I tend rework my wardrobe every year, but I can't break the bank to look cute. I had heard about Shein before, but never bit the bullet and ordered, so when I did finally order from, I was nervous of quality more than anything since the prices are so affordable. I was so pleasantly surprised and now have nothing but raves for the company as a whole! Even when it doesn't work out with my body or I just don't like the outfit, it's free shipping for returns!!

Here is some of my most current haul:

This first top and pair of shorts was a complete hit for me! These are straight out of the packaging, so they are a little wrinkled, but I'll steam them up!

This shirt is an XS and the shorts are a size S.

Both are of really good quality, but I love the shorts because they just pull up, no buttons or zippers! The tie is self tie, so you can do it however or wherever you want.

The shoes are from this haul too. These are a size 6, which are true to size for me.

This flowy, comfortable little dress is a size Small. It is NOT tight at all, and it is isn't intended to be worn that way. That is the beauty of this kind of dress. It is super comfortable and you don't have to worry about sucking in or wearing the right underwear (which you WOULD need to wear tan and I wouldn't go without a bra on this one- it is not SEE through, but you can definitely see bright coloring under it).

Again, these are the same shoes that I talked about in the last picture.

This next shirt-- I'm not so sure about it. I want to love it, but I feel like the arm holes are a little too big. This is a size Small. If you look closely, there is a lace detail at the bottom of the blouse which makes it really adorable, especially with a white bottom. It would be perfect for the summer and almost any casual event, or you could throw a white sweater on top of it and wear it to work!

Solely because of the arm hole issue with fit, I'm sending this one back, but I could easily get it altered if I had the time to do that.

My next top is a button front top with a ruffle detail on the side. I have a red and white striped shirt that is the same as this one and I LOVE it, so I wanted to grab it in another color before it went out of stock. This one is an XS.

For me, when I have the option of an XS at Shein, I get it. As always, READ THE REVIEWS because sometimes their items are super see-through or the sizing is weird. As long as you read the reviews, though, you'll be fine!

Swimsuit Haul!

I got all of these suits in at the same time and they are all a hit for me! For under $15 each, they are a clear winner for me!

My favorite part about them is that you can kind of mix and match certain ones. For example, I don't really like how the green high-neck top fits on me, so I wore that bottom with the white top already, and I can wear the black high-waisted bottom with just about any top! All of these suits are a size small.

Tips for shopping at Shein:

- I always order the amount that you need to spend to get free expedited shipping. They have free returns, so I can always just send it back. When I get expedited shipping, my package come in a few days!

- READ the reviews. It'll tell you if something runs big or if it is too see through. I always pick well when I spend the time to look at the reviews of each item.

- When you're trying on, keep the clothes in the correct bag. This will be NECESSARY for returns!

- Look for the items that are NOT returnable: hats, swimsuits, accessories, etc. Make sure you plan accordingly!

Check out my Instagram stories for more try-on sessions! Let me know what else you want to see!

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