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The One-Piece: A Necessary Swim Staple

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Rockin a Cupshe swimmie in Navarre Beach

A young woman recently told me that she won't wear a one piece swimsuit because she isn't "a mawmaw." Um... wait wait wait.. excuse me??? A mawmaw?? An old lady?? ONE PIECES ARE HOT lady, and they look great on anyone, no matter your shape or size! I'll clue you in on why it was the only type of suit I took on my recent beach vacay to Navarre Beach.

If you're anything like me, a beach trip (or even a trip to the pool) is NOT spent hanging out looking sexy.

I need a swimsuit that is going to keep me looking my best when I'm:



playing with the kids

running in the water

hauling beach toys to and from the room

getting buried in the sand

getting knocked out by a wave

having to save my kid from getting knocked out by a wave

having to flag the beach server down for my next pina colada

digging in my bag for my next beach read

I don't want to wear some little bitty ole bikini that I'm going to have to worry hanging out of if I have one too many margaritas or if the wave takes me down too hard. I'd rather look great and be comfy all at the same time.

The suit above is from Cupshe and is currently available for only $23.99!!

Hanging with my girls in this Cupshe suit

Cupshe is a HUGE go-to for me for swimsuits! I was really really hesitant to order from them at first because the prices were so low and I didn't know if they would be of decent quality or fit. Now, I have four different suits from them and I love them! This black and white suit is only $23.99! I have gotten SO SO SO many compliments on it!

Loungin in a Cupshe suit

This multi-colored suit is another Cupshe find! So flattering and it DOESN'T MOVE. I get SO MANY more compliments when I wear a one piece than when I wear a two piece. It all just looks so much more flattering and, if you can find a fun print, it's just more fun!

Cupshe not for you? No prob.

If you're hesitant about shopping there since you can't try on, so my next go-to for swimsuits is TARGET. Girl, you cannot find a better place to find a really cute and affordable suit!!

Let me tell you a story. I had been eyeing this Gianni Bini suit at Dillard's for a while. It was black with white stitching around it and was selling for over $100. I wasn't about to spend that much, so I waited until it went on sale. Well, even at 40% off, it was still over $60. I went to Target and found this suit that is ALMOST IDENTICAL to the one I had been eyeing and got it for $39.99! It is SO FLATTERING and didn't move at all! And the back is to die for too, as it's a low scoop back!

Kickin around in my Target one piece

Got a favorite place to find affordable swimwear??? Share it with me! Questions? Comments?? Stuff you'd like to see? Let me know!

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