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The Winter Uniform!

The Winter Uniform: Tunic, Sweater, Leggings, and Boots

While I do LOVE the summer, fall and winter seem to be the easiest times for me to dress and look put together. I have what I call my winter uniform: leggings, tunic/mini-dress, high boots. Maybe a long line sweater? Maybe a scarf? Perhaps a necklace? Copy the look with the tips below!

- Leggings

Kimchi Blue sweater, Lululemon Leggings, Vince Camuto boots

Leggings sometimes get even the best of us in trouble. If your top is too short, or your proportions are wrong, they look bad. Sometimes it's the leggings themselves- they are too loose or see-through or thin and it ruins the entire look. So what type of leggings SHOULD you get?

My absolute FAVORITES are from Lululemon. While they are for sure pricey at $98 a pair, they are thick, suck your body in, will stay nice and tight as you wear them, and you can wear them for YEARS. You can also wear them to work and then straight to the gym. I always buy the high-waisted Wunder Under collection because of their thickness and the fact that there is no shine to them, so they CAN be worn to work and they don't look like work out pants.

If you're not up for dropping that kind of money on leggings- I have found some GREAT ones from Target, the Loft Outlet, and Express. I always go for a high-waisted option if I can find it so that I feel sucked in. Sometimes you can find a fun moto-legging or a ponte knit with a seam down the front that gives another dimension to the outfit too.

Forever 21 dress, Lularoe leggings, Arturo Chang boots

Color-wise, you want to DEFINITELY have a good, solid black pair (or ten!) and maybe a heathered or darker grey, but if you are up to fun colors, my mustard pair is one of my favorites to wear!

- Tunic/Mini-Dress

Forever 21 dress, Target sweater, Lululemon leggings, Gianni Bini boots **excuse the mess of my room!!**

My favorite affordable trick for the wintertime is to utilize short mini-dresses, which I wear as tunics. My go-to is Forever 21. You can shop in the basics shop and find a lot of short dresses for under $15 each. These are dresses that I'd never wear alone, as they are WAY too short for me, but if you pair it with a pair or leggings and some high boots, it is all of a sudden a super cute winter outfit!

Head to and look for fit and flare short dresses. You'll find a ton for about $13 each. Here are some examples of what to look for! If you order online and they don't fit- just go return them- no harm no foul. A lot of women over the age of 21 (ha!) are uncomfortable going in store to shop, so just do it online! You have the best selection online anyway and you don't have to dig through a poorly organized store!

When searching for tunics or dresses, use certain search words like TUNIC and TRAPEZE to help you find the right shape. You don't want to wear anything too tight and this trapeze shape falls perfectly every time. If you notice that your leggings are sticking to your dress, throw on a slip under and it'll take away all of your problems! These slip shorts are my favorite, but any short slip will do!


Forever 21 dress, Forever 21 sweater, Lululemon leggings, soda boots

Long-line or chunky sweaters will be your best friend this summer if you're rocking the winter uniform. I have a TON- most of which I buy from Target or Forever 21. These are inexpensive pieces, but pieces that you can wear with different dresses and leggings to really change up your look. This is also a great way to be able to wear sleeveless or short sleeved dresses during the winter. You can buy sweaters of different thickness to get you through any situation in the fall and winter!

Here are a few links to sweaters from Target that can help you build up your winter wardrobe:

Notice that all of these will hit UNDER your booty. You don't want a short sweater for this look- you want it to be longer so that everything falls nicely! While you're searching for those dresses, look for some longline or chunky sweaters! You can find these for affordable prices and can change up your look depending on what accessories you add!

- Boots

Forever 21 sweater tunic, Target leggings, Soda boots

While booties are great for the fall, tall boots are my absolute go-to in the colder temps. I'm able to wear tall socks under them and I can be nice and cozy throughout the day. Lately, it seems that everywhere you look, you can only find riding boots, which is a GREAT option to have, but I LOVE a slouchy boot because they are SO COMFORTABLE.

I linked some options for you here! I have some really expensive boots and some really cheap boots. All of them last me many many seasons, so it's not like you have to necessarily spend a TON on your boots. I'd rather have a bunch of inexpensive pairs and change my look up often! Also- some of the really well made riding boots are super uncomfortable. DSW is a great place to go to shop for some tall boots!

I hope you're able to rock the winter uniform now! Questions?? Let me know! What do you struggle most with in terms of your winter wardrobe??

As always, follow me on Instagram at @imlivingforthesummer and over on Facebook at Living For the Summer Blog!

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I love all of these looks! I didn’t know forever 21 had such inexpensive dresses!!! I need to get some more boots too!


I love the idea of a uniform! So cute, comfy and no thinking about what to wear. Love this!

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