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Try on Tuesday- Work Wear Edition!!

Work wear can be daunting. If you're new to corporate America or are having to dress professionally daily, having the right wardrobe is a necessity. I'm servin up workwear looks today so you can get some inspo for your own work wardrobe. My biggest recommendation? Buy staple bottoms (a pair of pants, a skirt) and then just switch out your tops and earrings.

Add a statement piece

This tee is a staple for me- it's from Abercrombie and is called the Soft AF tee. I can wear it in different colors on any given day, but if I add a statement necklace, it dresses the entire look up! This particular statement necklace is from J Crew Factory, but is about 5 years old. I linked some Amazon finds for you above, as well as the recent J Crew Factory ones! Anything colorful or sparkly will for sure dress up the outfit and you'll get tons of compliments on it!

I found this pair of crepe pants at H&M and I am obsessed! Lucky for you- they are on sale right now! They are so comfortable- they have an elastic waistband and nearly feel like sweatpants, yet they are so adorable! I love a pair of pants that I could sit down criss-cross-apple-sauce in. Teachers need that for sure! For reference, I am wearing a size 2 here.

Add a jacket

I have been searching far and wide for the perfect jean jacket. Most of them make me look boxy, and I am NOT having that. I found this one at H&M recently and it is perfect. It is really soft, so it moves easily with my body, but it is also has a nice waist and actually flatters my body instead of looking like I'm trying to hide it.

This blouse is another Shein find (I'm in a size XS) and I am wearing my absolute go-to work pants from Express. These pants are soft enough to be comfortable, but also maintain their shape.

A belt may be your best accessory for back to work. You can wear just a basic top and a basic bottom, but if you add a belt in the mix, you instantly look more sophisticated. This snakeskin belt is one of my current favs, but you could use any sort of print or color! It just adds a little umph to the work look!

Throw a skirt into the rotation

Need to change up the pant look? Buy a basic black skirt and just change up the top! This Shein ruffle blouse is adorable and can be worn with a cardigan or a jacket over it to make a different look. A basic black pencil skirt can be worn for years and won't go out of style. Shop around for one that is comfortable and non-restrictive!!

For work, I'm usually in some sort of slide-sandal. We aren't allowed to wear flip flops, so this is my most comfortable alternative. I have about 20 pairs of similar shoes, all of which cost me under $20. Heels aren't always in the rotation because I'm on my feet allllllll day long.

Buy affordable, fun-detailed blouses

Fun-detailed tops are some of my favorite ways to show my personality at work. How cute is this scallop detail!? I bought this top in both maroon and white because I love it so much! I don't want to break the bank with these though. I buy SO MANY of my work tops from Shein. They are surprisingly well made and you can buy three to the one that you might be able to buy from a different store. As always, read reviews, but try it out! The worst that'll happen is that you won't love them and you can return them for free. No harm, no foul!

Go between pant colors with the same top

Left is with black pants- right is with navy!

Keep the shirt and change up the pant! (I'd say navy and black are two must haves!)

This yellow blouse with the lace shoulder detail is a new fav (again, this one is from Shein), but instead of wearing it with black (which might make you feel like a little bit of a bumble bee??) you can wear it with a navy pant instead. I do NOT buy many colored pants-- I leave the fun styling to the blouse. If I'm paying $80 for a pair of pants, I want it to be able to go with anything and everything!!

Throw on a belt and change up the look! I grabbed a few recently from Forever 21 for under $6 each. Such a small detail can change up a whole look and just make everything come together. Leave the styling to the accessories sometimes- it can keep your wardrobe looking fresh and new!


Let me know what you'd like to see me post on next! Is there something you'd like to see me try or style?? Just let me know!

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