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Work Appropriate Dresses: Try on Tuesday!

It's back to school guys, so the ONLY shopping I'm allowing myself to do right now is for items that I can actually wear to work. How long do you think that'll last! Ha! Because of this, though, I'm sharing a few work appropriate pieces that I JUST got in the mail! Sorry for the wrinkles! Click the links below to shop if you love them!

I shared a bunch of blouses to throw on with a pair of black pants or a skirt the other day here, but if you're looking for dresses? Here we go!

Look 1:

This dress is SO affordable, and the best part? Pockets! I was really unsure about it when I first got it because of where it hit me on my leg, but looking at it more, I've decided that it will be a keeper for sure. It is SO comfortable and it comes in a few different colors. I'm wearing an XS in this dress. It has a round neck if you can't tell from the picture!

You know I'm a sucker for a slip with a dress, so I linked one that would work well with this dress too!

Look 2:

I shared a fun yellow flounce dress the other day and I had so many people love it, that I decided to order the longer version for work, and here it is!

This is a size Small- I like it because it doesn't cling to my body, so I don't have to worry about it being too tight or inappropriate for the office at all. Throw a good slip on underneath it?? You have got a CUTE look that can go from office to the weekend to the bar :)

Look 3:

Excuse the wrinkles here, but this dress is both flattering and super comfortable. I'm wearing a size small, and there is, for sure, more room. Without the tie around the waist, it looks like a straight, but add the tie and it becomes a super chic tshirt dress! It is NOT intended to be a tight-fitting dress, which makes it very approachable for office-wear!

Notice that I'm wearing the same pair of tan wedges with everything. They are SO easy to throw on with any outfit and you can look put together. It almost makes it look like you don't have a shoe on at all, which is exactly how you make your leg look longer. Avoid a dark shoe when wearing a dress for this reason!

Look 4:

This skirt is super wrinkled, but you get the point! I paired it with a really simple white tee that can be paired with just about anything! This skirt is a Shein find and I'm wearing an XS. It has some interesting pockets on the side and it has a fake drawstring waist (it is elastic waistband- it just doesn't tighten based on the string detail.)

It hits right under the knee, so it is appropriate for work, but if you want to pair it with a tank or a halter, it would definitely transition straight into the weekend! Throw a sweater on with it for the fall! This piece will be perfect!

Let me know what you'd like to see me post on next! Is there something you'd like to see me try or style?? Just let me know!

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